Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV)

Use energy produced by the sun to power your home.

Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV)

Evergreen are experienced installers of domestic and commercial Solar PV installations. The Feed In Tariff (FIT), although not as generous as it once was, still allows you to get paid for generating electricity which is then free for you to use.
We can carry out a free assessment of your property and provide a quotation which will show cost verses benefit

Commercial Solar PV

Increasingly companies are looking to reduce their overheads and secure a reliable energy source. Energy prices will continue to increase, so it makes sense to generate your own electricity and get paid for doing so:

  • Reduce overheads
  • Free power – use what you generate
  • Reduce carbon emissions – improve your ‘Green Credentials’
  • All systems come with a 10 year warranty
  • We can organise finance for commercial projects
Commercial Solar PV Dorset Devon Somerset Installers

Solar PV Repairs and Maintenance

We have years of experience of installing, fault finding and repairing Solar PV systems.  Many installation companies have ceased trading which can be a problem if something goes wrong with an existing PV system. Please get in touch if you think you have a problem or would like us to check that your system is functioning to its full potential.

Heat your water with your excess PV Power

The E.R.S 4.0 is PowerFlow’s domestic solution for increased self consumption. Storing energy as hot water, without the use of batteries, is currently the most cost effective way to reduce the exported energy from your solar PV or wind generator. Built to industry leading standards, including a host of new features and increased performance, E.R.S 4.0 series has a class leading finish, is flexible, simple, efficient and user friendly.

A full range of benefits

  • Fully tried and tested
  • Accurately tracks surplus power, diverting excess into heating loads such as hot water or space heating
  • Eliminates unwanted import during operation due to fast reacting F-POINT control technology
  • Can be used with existing heating elements with no harmful effects
  • Quick payback and long lasting high quality design and manufacture
  • Fully CE compliant. Tested against EN6100 series standards for flicker, harmonics and EMI
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK

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Powerflow Energy Recovery System

Save money on your utility bills

A conservative gas or oil saving of £100 to £180 per year can be expected, giving E.R.S an approximate payback period of 3 years. This falls in line with our standard 3 year warranty. Have it fitted by an accredited PowerFlow installer, and you can benefit from a 5 year warranty completely free.



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